Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Thought this article titled The Internet Is Changing the Scientific Method By Alexis Madrigal may interest some of you!! While its about scientists utilising the net and social networking sites to research human behaviour, I think the terminology has many implications and also possibilities... as a bioartist the idea of web2.0 as collaborative and cross disciplinary practice as web2.0 collab relevant, I mused at the idea of cross disc being a kind of mashup??

I read about it in a new networking site I have joined up with that some of you may also be interested in called Association of Virtual Worlds.. its virtual world specific in its concept as a place where users and contributors to virtual worlds can chat network and so on. There is a large diversity of members ranging from developers, programmers, scientists, academics and virtual world users. I was surprised at the diversity and the willingness to share research and thoughts. It may also be of some use to some of you. Association of Virtual Worlds

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

5200 year old animation

I thought I would attempt a resurrection from the clutches the reaper of blogs...its a zombie in all its glory now because of the resurrection..anyway!

I came across this fantastic little piece of news about a 5200 year old animation found on a piece of pottery. What I like most about this is 1. the animation remained undiscovered even though the pottery was discovered, it tooks sometime for the penny to drop apparently! and 2. that even though the technology may be different, we still love to see the same 'magic'.. you'll understand when you look at the image in the article :)

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