Monday, 5 October 2009

Are we still alive?

Are we still alive?
We should get this blog going again!!!!
It is a sad day when I look down my Blogger blog list and notice that nothing has been updated in the last year....mind you, that includes my own self motivated blogs.


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Thought this article titled The Internet Is Changing the Scientific Method By Alexis Madrigal may interest some of you!! While its about scientists utilising the net and social networking sites to research human behaviour, I think the terminology has many implications and also possibilities... as a bioartist the idea of web2.0 as collaborative and cross disciplinary practice as web2.0 collab relevant, I mused at the idea of cross disc being a kind of mashup??

I read about it in a new networking site I have joined up with that some of you may also be interested in called Association of Virtual Worlds.. its virtual world specific in its concept as a place where users and contributors to virtual worlds can chat network and so on. There is a large diversity of members ranging from developers, programmers, scientists, academics and virtual world users. I was surprised at the diversity and the willingness to share research and thoughts. It may also be of some use to some of you. Association of Virtual Worlds

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

5200 year old animation

I thought I would attempt a resurrection from the clutches the reaper of blogs...its a zombie in all its glory now because of the resurrection..anyway!

I came across this fantastic little piece of news about a 5200 year old animation found on a piece of pottery. What I like most about this is 1. the animation remained undiscovered even though the pottery was discovered, it tooks sometime for the penny to drop apparently! and 2. that even though the technology may be different, we still love to see the same 'magic'.. you'll understand when you look at the image in the article :)

Read the article

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Cyberfeminist mini-conference in Perth

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the First Cyberfeminist International, the KanguerillaGirls collective is hosting a series of discussions within Night’s Edge, a cyberpunk conference being held at the Emerald Hotel, Perth, 10th – 11th November 2007.

  • Cyberfeminism 101: the herstory of cyberfeminism from VNS Matrix and the Old Boys Room to cyberfeminism now
  • Being Frankenstein (or, I'd rather be a cyborg than a goddess): how science & society work to configure bodies (especially women's bodies) as monstrous and 'carnival'
  • Bingo! - the importance of subversive humor in cyberfeminism, culture jamming and on-line activism
  • Open Source for grrls: open source software and open source culture
  • Advocacy, Feminism and Transformative Works: How an
    internet community engages with real-world social
  • And then we will wrap it all up with a CyPEC dinner at a near by restaurant
To be part of CyPEC all you need to do is register as a regular member of Night’s Edge, and a day pass is available if you only want to attend CyPEC (note, CyPEC is only running on Saturday the 10th).

We still could do with a few more people on panels, so if you think you would like to be on any or know someone who would please email me at sajbrfem at gmail dot com asap.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Adam Zaretsky Documentary - Bioart

Hi all, partially self servingly ;) here are some links to the 3 part documentary on artist Adam Zaretsky which we were asked to take part in during our impromptu visit to Leiden University (Descartes & Spinoza taught there amongst other well known philosophers). Zaretsky was delivering a bioart unit/workshop as part of the Netherlands 'science shop' attitude.

There are 3 parts to this documentary - both Adam Fiannaca (my collaborative partner) and I feature a bit in the second part from 10:59 - 15:19 on the subject of bioart ethics 'basic' ethics- but was nice to take part in. Unfortunately a lot of Adam Fiannaca's responses were edited - his responses to their questions were for the most part edited out even though they very interesting being about his backyard science projects and I imagine were removed due to play duration and the fact this ended up being marketed as an ethics related doco - but I can forward an email addy if you are curious and he can tell you about his work.

The Documentary in 3 parts:




WARNING: the documentary features the major project of embryological manipulation of baby quail so be aware the vision is difficult to watch - there are also parts of the documentary which have sex related themes and not to mention there are teen/adults that are unaware of some concepts :P but none the less the whole doco is interesting as is Adam Zaretsky :)

Sunday, 26 August 2007

cool blog

I hope she doesn't mind, but thought I should post up the new blog for one of our bananaistas art projects - the incubra project. check it out :-)

I should be more active here now, having finally returned to the wonderful land of broadband after the months of wlinderness in dial-up hell. I only moved 20 minutes down the road ... non-aussies please snigger quietly :-)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Can Feminism Come to the Rescue Again?

Listen to or Join the Talkcast: Virtual Concerts
(join within 15 minutes of start time or anytime after)

Talkcast information:
  • Talkcast Name: Virtual Concerts
  • Host: Ghost Nets -
  • Next episode: Carey Lovelace- Can Feminism Come to the Rescue Again?, Tue, July 17, 2007 10:00 AM EDT
    Art writer and Critic Carey lovelace, is completing a 2-volume history of feminist art.
  • Phone number: (724) 444-7444
  • Talkcast ID: 1210
  • PIN: The phone number or 10-digit PIN you signed up with

blogart comp

found this in my fibreculture emails - thought it might appeal....

Call for proposals
Deadline: 31 July 2007
a + b = ba ?
[art + blog = blogart?]


JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is starting its 2nd phase
by releasing an open call focussing on the question
whether blogs and/or blogging can be tools for creating a new type of net based art.

The launch of this new project
is planned to be in October 2007 also the occasion for re-launching
JavaMuseum after a phase of re-structuring since 2005.
The new show "a + b = ba ? [art + blog = blogart?]"
will be presented in sequence on divers festivals.
JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art,
founded in 2000, realized during the 1st phase (2001-2005)
18 show cases focussing on Internet based art in a global context,
including more than 350 artists from 40 countries.

"a + b = ba ? [art + blog = blogart?]"
JavaMuseum is inviting
artists to submit such an art project in form of a blog.

The entry details, regulations and entry form can be found on

JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project

This call is released by
netEX - networked experience
powered by
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne -
the experimental platform for art and New Media
operating from Cologne/Germany.
info & contact
info (at)

Monday, 16 July 2007

100 days of anti-theses: 4. cyberfeminism is not ideology

Anti-thesis number four, cyberfeminism is not ideology, has given me pause for thought today. Not ideology? It seems like an ideology, as in a collection of ideas, even as ‘visionary speculation’ it kind of fits for me. Therefore I think this is a good place to think about the 100 anti-theses in a more holistic sense, and the idea that they are meant to be read and interpreted together. Not all of the anti-theses hold true for *all* cyberfeminists *all* of the time. This is not a flaw in the anti-theses, but rather an intentional strength. A multiplicity of approaches is a desirable quality of cyberfeminist practice. So, not an ideology may mean ‘not a grandiose set of ideals’ and perhaps suggest a more practical approach, or it may mean ‘not *just* ideology’. Or it may mean something else all together. There is not just one way to interpret the anti-theses, likewise, there is not just one way to be a cyberfeminist.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

100 days of anti-theses: 3. sajbrfeminizm nije usamljen

From Slavic to English 'sajbrfeminizm nije usamljen' translates to ‘cyberfeminism is not solitary’. Networking is an important aspect of cyberfeminism – collaboration and cooperation being important feminist alternatives to the patriarchal focus on the lone master/expert/auteur. The strength of the Internet is itself in networking, linking, sharing knowledge and experience, and it seems totally appropriate for cyberfeminists to embrace this.

And as is apt for an entry about collaboration todays post was not created in a solitary manner - thanks to aph31 for the translation.