Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Adam Zaretsky Documentary - Bioart

Hi all, partially self servingly ;) here are some links to the 3 part documentary on artist Adam Zaretsky which we were asked to take part in during our impromptu visit to Leiden University (Descartes & Spinoza taught there amongst other well known philosophers). Zaretsky was delivering a bioart unit/workshop as part of the Netherlands 'science shop' attitude.

There are 3 parts to this documentary - both Adam Fiannaca (my collaborative partner) and I feature a bit in the second part from 10:59 - 15:19 on the subject of bioart ethics 'basic' ethics- but was nice to take part in. Unfortunately a lot of Adam Fiannaca's responses were edited - his responses to their questions were for the most part edited out even though they very interesting being about his backyard science projects and I imagine were removed due to play duration and the fact this ended up being marketed as an ethics related doco - but I can forward an email addy if you are curious and he can tell you about his work.

The Documentary in 3 parts:




WARNING: the documentary features the major project of embryological manipulation of baby quail so be aware the vision is difficult to watch - there are also parts of the documentary which have sex related themes and not to mention there are teen/adults that are unaware of some concepts :P but none the less the whole doco is interesting as is Adam Zaretsky :)

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