Monday, 16 July 2007

100 days of anti-theses: 4. cyberfeminism is not ideology

Anti-thesis number four, cyberfeminism is not ideology, has given me pause for thought today. Not ideology? It seems like an ideology, as in a collection of ideas, even as ‘visionary speculation’ it kind of fits for me. Therefore I think this is a good place to think about the 100 anti-theses in a more holistic sense, and the idea that they are meant to be read and interpreted together. Not all of the anti-theses hold true for *all* cyberfeminists *all* of the time. This is not a flaw in the anti-theses, but rather an intentional strength. A multiplicity of approaches is a desirable quality of cyberfeminist practice. So, not an ideology may mean ‘not a grandiose set of ideals’ and perhaps suggest a more practical approach, or it may mean ‘not *just* ideology’. Or it may mean something else all together. There is not just one way to interpret the anti-theses, likewise, there is not just one way to be a cyberfeminist.

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